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Welcome to Fiskflyg

v1Fiskflyg AB offers helicopter transports in the north of Sweden. Flexibility and diverse range of helicopters allows us to respond quickly and creatively to our clients’ needs. Our main helicopterbase is located in Porjus, situated just between Gellivare and Jokkmokk.

From here we carry out a wide range of helicopter operations such as flying out hunters, hikers, and fishermen to the mountain areas around us. We also carry out a great portion of utility tasks such as sling load operations, reindeer mustering, water dropping and power line inspections.

During the summer period our helicopters and personnel relocates to our three summer bases Stora Sjöfallet, Ritsem and Kvikkjokk next to Sarek national park and the famous world heritage Laponia. From here we fly fishermen, hunters, tourists and other personnel and goods to the surrondings of Sarek and Padjelanta national park.

We also run a daily shuttle between Ritsem, Kutjaure and the sami camp Staloluokta.

See more infomation about our summer bases and daily shuttle in the menu.

Our philosophy is plain and simple
Fiskflyg should strive for a sustainable growth with high customer satisfaction. We do this by carrying out a wide range of missions with high expertise, with the lowest possible environmental impact.

For further information and booking please contact us:
Telephone: +46 973-400 32
E-mail booking@fiskflyg.se

A very warm welcome aboard!