Operated by Rotor Service Norden AB

Stora Sjöfallet – Sitojaure STF – Aktse STF

Period 2019-07-15 — 2019-08-18

You can easily fly helicopter to or from Aktse. From Aktse you can either start your hike in to beautiful Sarek or along Kungsleden.
The flight will start in Stora Sjöfallet every Tuesday during the above period. It’s also good to know that there is also a flight from our base in Kvikkjokk to Aktse every Friday during the same period.

Please note that any changes in the bus timetable may also result in changes in our timetable.

Timetable for 2019 not yet fixed since we are waiting for the bus timetable to be established, usually end of March.

Timetable 2019

Thursdays and Saturdays during week 29 to 33

Leaving Stora Sjöfallet
Leaving Aktse
Arriving Stora Sjöfallet


Price 2019 Stora Sjöfallet-Aktse or Aktse-Stora Sjöfallet:
1 450 kr per person
Children up to 2 years free of charge
Children up to 6 years 725 SEK
20 kg free luggage weight. Overweight 30 kr/kg

The flight must be booked in advance.
For reservations, call +46 973-40032, use the below form or send an e-mail to booking@fiskflyg.se
For more information and our terms and conditions please read: Pre departure information in the menu to the right.



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