Operated by Rotor Service Norden AB


In the summer time we have personnel and helicopters in Kvikkjokk. From here we offer helicopter transport to hikers, fishermen and hunters to the wilderness that surrounds Kvikkjokk.

Walking in Sarek och Padjelanta nationalpark: If you are planning to walk along the Padjelanta trail or into Sarek national park we can offer helicopter transport to the park border. From there you can start your walk into untouched wilderness. Popular starting points includes, Darreluoppal, Njåtjosvagge, Rapa valley, Skierfe, Rinim and the “Vita Stenen” at the park crossing Stora Sjöfallet, Sarek.

Kings trail (Kungsleden):
We offer helicopter taxi along the Kings trail. Some of the places we can take you to are Pårte, Aktse, Sitojaure and Saltoloukta.

Padjelanta trail:
We offer a daily flight along the Padjelanta trail with possibility to stop in Njunjes STF ,Tarrekaise STF, Sommarlappa STF, Darreluoppal or Staloluokta.

Nordkalotten trail:
We offer helicopter taxi along the Nordkalotten trail with popular stops in Kurravagge, Vaimok, Pieskehaure, Sårjåsjaure and Staddajokk.

If you are planning a fishing trip we can offer you a holiday of a lifetime. With our experience and local pilots we can help you with all the details. We can easily take you to Silesjaure, Skielta, Tarraatno and the Lillselet streams or any other stream/lake you wish to go to.

In the end of August the popular grouse hunting starts. With our helicopters you can easily get to the surronding mountains for the hunt.

For further information and booking please contact us:
Telephone: +46 971-210 40
E-mail kvikkjokk@fiskflyg.se

A very warm welcome aboard!