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Hiking Ritsem

From our base in Ritsem you can easily start or end your mountain walk with helicopter. From here we can make Laponia, Padjelanta and Sarek National parks borders easily accessible for you. Another extra dimension is that you can experience the beautiful views from above!.

Daily Shuttle Padjelanta trail
During the summer, we offer two daily shuttles between Ritsem, Kutjaure and Staloluokta. For more information see “Ritsem – Staloluokta in the right hand menu.

We offer you easy helicopter transport between Ritsem and Sitas STF cottage.

We also offer you easy helicopter transport between Ritsem and Vaisaluokta/Änonjalme located on the south side of Akka lake. From here you can start your mountain walk along the Padjelanta trail or towards Sarek.

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Padjelanta trail

From our base in Ritsem and Kvikkjokk we can offer helicopter transport along the Padjelanta trail. In Ritsem, during the summer season we run a daily helicopter shuttle to Staloluokta with option to be dropped off in Kutjaure. From Stalo and Kutjaure you have endless route options towards Sarek but you also have the option to do daily adventure trips in the nearby surroundings. Then after a couple of days we can come and pick you up again. One of the most popular walking routes is the one between Ritsem and Staloluokta. Below is a 5-7 day walking adventure in Padjelanta.

Route example:
Day 1 Helicopter Ritsem – Staloluokta
Day 2 Hikning Staloluokta – Arasluokt cottage / Árasluokta 12 km
Day 3 Hikning Arasluokta – Låddejåkkå cottage / Låddejåhkå 13 km
Day 4 Hikning Låddejåkkåstugan / Låddejåhkå – Kisuris cottage / Gisuris 23 km
Day 5 Hikning Kisurisstugan / Gisuris – Akka cottage / Áhkká 14 km (finally  boat or helicopter to Ritsem.

As an alternative to day 4 and 5 above you can from Låddejåkkå walk northeast towards Kutjaure and Vaisaluokta and then, from there take the boat to Ritsem.

Day 4 Hiking Låddejåkkå cottage – Kutjaure cottage 19 km
Day 5 Kutjaure cottage – Vaisaluokta cottage 18 km (finally  boat or helicopter to Ritsem).

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Foto: Magnus Emlén

Foto: Magnus Emlén

Nordkalotten trail

From Ritsem we can provide easy helicopter transport along the Nordkalotten trail. This hiking trail starts in Kvikkjokk and ends some 800 km later in Treriksröset. The trail goes through Sweden, Norway, and Finland and is made up of several different trails connected into one trail, the Nordkalotten trail. Cabins where you can sleep can usually be found at a distance of 10-20 km apart along the path. A very nice alternative 5 to 7 day alternative that we can recommend is to fly helicopter to Sitas STF or Hukejaure STF. From there follow the trail in an easterly direction to the crossing between Sälka and Singis STF where you meet the Kings trail. Then hike south towards Vakkotavara STF.

Route example 1:
Day 1 Helicopter Ritsem STF – Hukejaure STF
Day 2 Hiking Hukejaure STF – Sälka STF 20 km
Day 3 Hiking Sälka STF – Kaitumjaure STF 13 km
Day 4 Hiking Kaitumjaure STF – Teusajaure STF 9 km
Day 5 Teusajaure STF – Vakkotavara STF 16 km

Route example 2:
Another nice alternative is to walk between Valtajaure and Vaisaluokta. We can fly you to Valtajokk/Valtajaure along the Swedish/Norwegian border from where you have a 2 day walk (32 km) back down to Vaisaluokta.

Booking and information
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