Operated by Rotor Service Norden AB


Our main focus
When loading/unloading as well as boarding/disembarking the helicopter the main- and tail rotor is often running. They are both very dangerous and needs to be shown great respect from both our staff and our passengers. Always follow the instructions from our staff!


  • Wait for the pilots sign before getting closer to the helicopter.
  • Our staff will help you load the luggage.
  • Wait for the pilots permission to enter the helicopter, fasten seatbelt and put on the headphones.


  • Wait for the pilots permission to disembark the helicopter.
  • Always leave the helicopter in the forward direction.
  • Keep a safety distance when the helicopter is leaving and hold on to gear that might be taken by the wind from the helicopter.
  • NEVER walk behind the helicopter! Always stay in the front of the helicopter if you need to be in the near area of the helicopter.
  • Always make sure that fishing gear or other longer objects are kept horisontal to avoid the main rotor.
  • Our staff will unload the luggage. Hold on to light objects and do not through anything around the helicopter as they can easily fly into the main- or tail rotor of the helicopter and cause great damage!