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Experiences Stora Sjöfallet

15 min sightseeing flight Stora Sjöfallet – Sarek

We start the helicopter and set course towards the Sarek mountains and Sarektjåkkå. By the National Park boarder we turn east towards Pietsaure and the beautiful top Slugga, 1 279 masl. After Slugga we slowly decend back to Stora Sjöfallet which is 374 masl. A beautiful experience which we highly recommend for the visitor that want to see as much as possible in a short time.

2.700 SEK /for max. 4 passengers
3.700 SEK/for max. 5 passengers

Period from 2019-06-24 to 2019-09-27

40 min sightseeing tour Stora Sjöfallet – Rapavalley

We start the helicopter and head south. The trip towards Rapavalley pass over Pietsaure samevillage, Kungsleden and Sitojaures south part before we find Aktse and Rapavalley’s magnificent nature. At the entrance to the Rapavalley you will be given the opportunity to photograph the beautiful delta and the famous Skierfe cliff. On the way back to Stora Sjöfallet we’ll pass the north side of Sitojaure where you will catch a glimpse of Rinim samevillage and Pastavagge.

6.500 SEK /for max. 4 passengers
9.000 SEK/for max. 5 passengers

Period from 2019-06-24 to 2019-09-27

1-day trip with helicopter to a mountain top around Stora Sjöfallet

Take the helicopter to a mountain top for an experience out of the ordinary.
Pack your own lunch and enjoy it in the wild and prepare for a day full of experience and impressions from nature and the beautiful Sarek.
We have a helicopter ready to take you out to a mountain top nearby where you can enjoy the nature and mountain views, maybe take short hikes in the area or just enjoy the peace and quiet that is offered by mother nature. Just remember to bring your camera to keep the views when the winter comes.
You will enjoy your lunch in peace and quiet and we decide a time when you would like to be picked up and return to Stora Sjöfallet.

Price from:    5.100 SEK /for max. 4 passengers

Period from 2019-06-24 to 2019-09-27