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Fishing – Stora Sjöfallet

From our base in Stora Sjofallet we can take you to the most remote fishing water with easy. With our experience and local pilots we will ensure that you get a fishing trip of a life time. Below are a couple of examples of lakes and streams that we can take you to from Stora Sjöfallet.

Foto: Magnus Emlén

Foto: Magnus Emlén

Kaitum River/Stream N67.6492° E18.7316°

Located 46 km north-east of Stora Sjöfallet
One of Europes best streams for Grayling fishing is the Kaitum Stream in the midst of the Lapland wilderness. The area has been spoken and written about in fishing literature for centuries. If you are looking to catch large species of grayling and Brown trout there is no better place to go to!
The stream starts in the famous Tjirtjam (Sircam) and runs all the way to the outlet in Kalix River. The most popular part of the stream includes Spannet, Tjirtjam, Tjuonajokk, Taiveksavo, Kukkaksavu, Liettiksavu and Riehkku, a distance about 45 km of crystal clear fishing grounds. Species: Grayling, Brown trout and Arctic char.

Stuor Tuuva Lake N 67.4867 E18.8237

Located about 20 km to the north-east of Stora Sjöfallet
Stuor Tuuva is a beautiful lake renowned for its large Graylings. The lake is 3.2 km wide and 2.5 km long surrounded by beautiful mountains.
Species: Grayling, Brown trout


Foto: Pär Ådvall

Arasjaure Lake N67.3015° E18.7086° and Njalatjaure Lake N67.3026° E18.5724° (Ultevis surroundings)

Located about 25 km to the sout-east of Stora Sjofallet
These two lakes are perfect for you who want to fish after the mighty Arctic Char. The lakes are situated about 5 km apart which means that you can take advantage of fishing in both lakes. Set up your base camp in one lake, walk to the other lake. Species: Arctic Char

Rissajaure stream N67.4356° E18.2528°

Located about 7 km to the south-west of Stora Sjöfallet
If you are looking for a short beautiful stream close to our helicopter base in Stora Sjöfallet, we can recommend the Rissa stream that runs between the lakes Rissajaure and Petsaure. Species: Arctic char, Brown trout

Fishing Permit and Regulations

We are happy to assist you in preparing your fishing trip but it is your responsibility to ensure that you know the legislation around fishing in Swedish Lapland as well as having the correct fishing permit.

  • Make sure to have a fishing permit where you plan to fish.
  • Use common sense and don’t catch more fish than you can eat for the day.
  • Be sensitive with when catch and release fishing.
  • Please ensure that you bring home all waste from your fishing trip. For your convenience, we have waste containers available on all our helicopter bases.

If you wish to purchase your permit in advance, have a look at NatureIT’s homepage

For more information on fishing permits and regulations have a look at Länstyrelsen’s homepage

For further information and booking please contact us:
Telephone: +46 973-400 32
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