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Hiking – Stora Sjöfallet

From our helicopter base in Stora Sjofallet you can easily start och end your hike in the wilderness of Lapland with helicopter. The Sarek national park and the Kings trail are both in close flying distance from our helicopter base.

Vita stenen N67°24.52 E18°5.35
The ”Vita Stenen” is a drop off point next to the lake Kuortesluobbal where Sarek and Stora Sjöfallet national park meets. This spot is a perfect starting point for you who are planning to walk towards Pieala or Kukkesvagge in the north.

Rinim/Pastavagge N67°19.83 E18°9.21
Next to Sarek national park’s easterly border, we have a drop off point about 2 km north of Rinim. From here you can start or finish your walk in Pastavagge with helicopter. Our special permit allows us to pick up and drop off tourists on the westerly side of Kåptåjaurejåkkå stream. This means that you can start your hike in Pastvaggge immediately.

Nammatj Rapavalley N67°9.73 E18°8.63 Skierfe N67°9.79 E18°17.19
If you are planning to start your walk Sarek via Rapavalley we can fly you to the base of the mountain Nammatj just next to the Sarek park border. We can also transport you to the park border next to Skierfe.

Aktse STF N67°8.92 E18°18.39
Are you planning to start or end your mountain hike in Aktse? Then we can offer you helicopter transport to Aktse from both Stora Sjöfallet and Kvikkjokk. From Aktse you can start your hike towards STF Saltoluokta in the north or Kvikkjokk in the south.

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