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Travel to Stora Sjöfallet


Stora Sjöfallet and Ritsem are situated in Lappland along Luleå River just by the border of Sarek and Stora Sjöfallet National Parks. Gällivare airport is only about 1,5 to 2 hours away. You can get here by car, airplane or train/bus.
Coordinates (RT90) to our base in Stora Sjöfallet: X 74 88950, Y 16 09500

Follow E4 from the south to Piteå. When you get closer to Piteå follow the signs towards Öjebyn. Turn onto road 374 towards Älvsbyn. When you get to road E45 turn right towards Jokkmokk. Pass through Jokkmokk towards Gällivare. About 6 km after you pass Porjus, you will find the road to Stora Sjöfallet/Ritsem. Turn left onto this road and you will find us on your left hand side after about 100km.

With the train and bus combined you can get to Stora Sjöfallet/Ritsem from all over Sweden. Summertime there are two trains leaving from Stockholm that take you to Stora Sjöfallet/Ritsem. The train will take you to the station in Gällivare where you will transfer to the bus that will take you the last part to Stora Sjöfallet and Ritsem.

Tip! When you book the train, also book Resplus. That way you will have the whole trip on one ticket and you don’t have to worry about the train being late to the bus.

With airplane you can easily get to Stora Sjöfallet/Ritsem via Gällivare airport. Nordica have daily flights from Stockholm to Gällivare where you can rent a car and drive the last part to Stora Sjöfallet/Ritsem. You can also fly to Luleå (Norwegian, SAS) or Arvidsjaur (Nordica) and from there rent a car to Stora Sjöfallet/Ritsem.

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